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Our Academy

Abacus Kids Academy of Mental Arithmetic has been founded in 2019 in Philadelphia, PA.

Our academy was established for the purpose to promote intellectual potential growth of

children in our community, at the age from 5 to 15, by practicing the unique technic of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic.


Already in 2020 and 2021 our students took a part in two International Mental Arithmetic Competitions. As a result we have 8 Champions and many 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize holders in different age groups and Mental Arithmetic levels.

In May 2021 Our academy became an Official Member of SAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association. Which gives our students an opportunity to pass International Certification Exams and gives a chance to participate in International Mental Arithmetic Competitions.  

​Our Staff

The Founder and the Head Instructor of Abacus Kids, Mrs. Zaruhi Paronyan is an internationally certified Abacus and Mental Arithmetic trainer. Our educational program is built according to International Mental Arithmetic Association guidelines. Our trainers participate in annual International Teacher Training programs to improve professionalism. We also participate in SAMA Global bimonthly symposiums organized for member schools to discuss improvements in teaching techniques, to be able to provide the best quality education to our students.

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