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ABOUT Mental Arithmetic


Mental Arithmetic has a history of thousands of years rooted in ancient China and Japan. The method is currently present in more than 50 countries and actively spreading throughout the world.

Mental Arithmetic is a Japanese technique of mental counting. The learning process is led through a special Japanese calculating tool called Abacus (Soroban). During the learning process students learn to visualize the Abacus in their mind and to carry out arithmetical calculations using the principles of the Abacus, without the use of the physical tool. 

The abacus can be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; it can also be used to extract square and cube roots.

Mental Arithmetic is a specialized Brain development program “A Brain Gym” for children 5-15 years old. The program is meant not only to learn to do mental math but also to develop and utilize all functions of both left and right brain hemispheres simultaneously, enhancing the intellectual abilities of a child.


Here are a few benefits of the program:


- Ability to calculate faster than any computer or       calculator

- Increases concentration and listening skills

- Develops logical understanding and analytical skills

- Builds a photographic memory

- Ability to recall

- Enhances visualization


Mental Arithmetic

Improves child's Memory

Trains concentration and focus skills

Develops all functions of left and right brain hemispheres

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